Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Article Review Instructions

We do two article reviews. The first review is based on a title listed on the course schedule, and each student selects one of the available articles. The second review is based on one of several articles suggested by each student and related to the area of their research proposal.  

Research article review #1 Instructions
  1. Chose one of the available readings. 
  2. Team up with other students who are reviewing the same article.
  3. Create a google document for collecting your notes about the article.
  4. Read the article and take notes. Read it again.
    1. Highlight the most important parts.  Make notes.  Work to understand all parts of the research.  Do follow up reading on the methods if you don’t understand them.
  5. As a preliminary step to writing, answer the following questions
    1. Questions to answer while taking notes
  6. After you understand your research well enough to answer those questions you can begin writing your "abstract" or summary of the research article.
  7. Create a google document, and then copy paste the following template into your document and use both the formatting and the instructions embedded inside
    1. Template for article review #1

Research article review #2 Instructions:

There are two key differences between assignment 1 and 2. First, in assignment #2 you need to find an article to review first. It needs to be sociological research on a topic that interests you and the reported research must include the analysis of data. Second, you will need to revise your abstract based on comments from classmates. To do this, you will need to share your document with some of your classmates.

  1. Post three possible research papers including title of research and a link to the full text of the article on the article options spreadsheet. 
  2. I will leave a comment that indicates which (if any) of the articles are suitable for our course. 
  3. Create your google doc, set sharing to anyone with link can comment. Then share it with the two classmates in your writing team. 
  4. Follow the other instructions for review article #1, and use the same template, with one addition.
  5. Additional section: add a paragraph to your conclusion that explains how the reviewed article relates to you research interests and possible project topics. (this will increase the max word count by 200 words)

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